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Design & Consultation Services

Hammerhead Design offers graphic design, web design, photography, and marketing consultation services in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2018, Hammerhead Design celebrates its 20th year in business. The design and marketing fields have been completely transformed in the past twenty years. Never before has it possible for companies and individuals to reach such diverse markets and delivery methods are less expensive than ever. Ongoing technological advances now make it possible to reach wider demographics with more targeted marketing messages. The speed and precision with which we're able to fine-tune strategies is unprecidented.

Despite drastic industry-wide changes, the fundamentals of good design remain the same and strong client relationships still matter. Hammerhead Design strives to embrace current technologies while providing solid, effective design and personal customer service.

chopping block

Put out-of-date marketing schemes on the chopping block! To impact a media-saturated public, you've got to look at the big picture, cut the chaff, focus your message, and carefully analyze your delivery methods.

Graphic Design

HammerHead offers a complete range of graphic design services, including logos and branding, advertising and editorial content, catalogs, direct mail, packaging, point-of-sale materials, posters, and more.

Web Design

Development at your direction. Specializing in clean design, streamlined user experience, and device/platform compatibility. We make your web presence look good, and we make it work. Hosting and maintenance services are also available.


Many companies find their brand scattered. Years of different marketing strategies and competing messages in various formats can lead to a disconnected image. With a full communications audit, we can help you focus your marketing energy and invest wisely in growth strategies that produce results.


Specializing in headshots and portraiture, Hammerhead can supply a wide range of images from architectural work and product photography to human interest editorial. For a more in-depth view of our headshot photography offerings, visit Matt Spaugh Photography.