About HammerHead Design

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R. Matthew Spaugh

Owner, operator, and head janitor

After 15+ years of agency work, I found the agency model frustrating. My information was coming from the client, but it was being filtered through an account executive, a production manager, and (until I became one) a creative director. It was as though we were playing the telephone game where a message is passed person to person and comes completely changed at the other end. I wanted to sit and have a conversation with the client. I wanted to work efficiently and quickly. I wanted to save those extra dollars that were ultimately making the job harder and the end result less effective.

I love new technologies and the challenges they pose. However, I believe that finding the right technologies for any particular client is the real challenge. Implementing technology simply because it's available is almost always a counter-productive exercise. Searching out the right solutions for a specific customer need is where I thrive. Maintainting a high level of design integrity, communicating customer messages effectively, and building strong client relationships is what makes my work a pleasure.

Since starting HammerHead in 1998, I've worked with clients large and small and realized the dream of taking direct client input and producing work that communicates well, is visually engaging, and cost effective. If that approach sounds refreshing to you, scroll down to the contact form and let's talk. I'm in the habit of eating around 11:30am just about every day. Join me for a sandwich and a chat and let's see if this simple approach can work for you.

Matt Spaugh Photography:

I've studied and enjoyed photography since I got my first Pentax P3 in the mid-eighties. Since starting Hammerhead Design, I've shot architechtural images, portraits, and product photographs for my customers.

In 2012, customer demand for headshot work was on the rise and I found that I not only enjoyed the work but had an aptitude for it. Seizing the opportunity, I dedicated a considerable amount of time and energy to the study and practice of headshot photography. I now provide headshot photography services to companies and individuals in the Atlanta area. For a more in-depth view of my headshot photography business, please visit Matt Spaugh Photography.