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Since starting HammerHead in 1998, we've worked with clients large and small and realized the dream of taking direct client input and producing work that is visually engaging and communicates effectively.

If that approach sounds refreshing to you, please give us a call or use the contact form to share information about your design needs. Still unsure if HammerHead is right for you? Let's have lunch and a chat and let's see if our simple approach can work for you - it's on the house.

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1092 Milam Circle, Clarkston, Georgia, 30021

Hammerhead Design is located in Clarkston, Georgia. Clarkston has been referred to as the "Ellis Island of the South" and I think it's one of the greatest places on earth. Over 50% of the population is foreign-born and over 60 languages are represented in our humble 1.1 square miles. Years of refugee settlement make Clarkston a unique area that has attracted numerous ministries and help agencies. The result is a community filled with a wide range of cultures supported by those who have come to make a difference in the lives of those who are here. You can learn more about Clarkston here.